Altai Mountains – Katun River

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After one month and a half of travelling around Russia we can easily say its main highlight is its nature. We were looking forward to our trip to the Altai Mountains, although it wasn’t clear how to get there or which places to visit. Between the much praised and isolated Teletskoye Lake and a bit less promising, yet more accessible Katun River we chose the latter. We wanted to be in nature surrounded by beautiful landscapes but in a place suitable for walking. Katun River offered plenty of walking options. We spent a day in a tiny village just wondering through a small forest by the river and three days in the main tourist town of Chemal where we walked in many directions. We climbed several hills, crossed pedestrian bridges, visited local churches, walked under the moonlight searching for supermarkets (there were no restaurants!) and enjoyed the scenery among cows. Our hotel was the best in town offering us the most outstanding views. Luxury and Adventure!

Happy Frog recommends Karym Hotel in Ust-Muny and Silver Springs in Chemal

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  1. KV
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    looks like Yukon, Canada!

    • happyfrogtravels
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      Haven’t been there. Now there’s a new ‘bucket list’ destination! Cheers

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