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I must admit I knew next to nothing about Bansko before going there. That’s why when the possibility of spending a couple of days there at a 5-star hotel came up I had no clue what to expect. But since I am all for chilling at nice hotels I agreed immediately.

Bansko is located 2,5 hours by bus from Sofia and 3,5 from Plovdiv. The ride from Plovdiv was very interesting, taking us through lush mountains. We were dropped at the town’s bus station, only 5 minutes walking to our hotel in Bansko. As soon as we entered Lucky Bansko Hotel we were greeted with a smile and the surprises begun. The hotel lobby is tastefully decorated, with super comfortable arm chairs, art and a coffee shop. Additionally, check in was professional and fast, we were up in our room in less than 3 minutes.

Lucky Bansko Lobby Bar

Hotel Lucky Bansko

Since we were exhausted, we took a shower and had complimentary coffee and chocolates in our room. It was almost 5PM and we hadn’t eaten since breakfast. Fortunately for us, the best restaurant in Bansko was downstairs, in our hotel. I believe they hired an interior designer to design such a beautiful place. The food selection is impressive too, offering different international and national dishes. Too bad neither of us drinks wine; they have all sorts of varieties to choose from.

River in Bansko

Bansko Town

With our stomachs full we went off for a walk. As mentioned before, the hotel is just off the center of town. Hence, we had peace and quiet but were in the middle of all the action. Bansko is a gorgeous leafy town. Walking through its streets you are transported into the past. The air is fresh and the streets are lined with outstanding traditional houses. Be sure to check Holy Trinity Church and the handful of historical houses turned into museums.

Apparently Bansko is Bulgaria’s skiing capital. Thus, it’s very popular during winter. However, there are tons of things to do in summer too. You can bike, go all the way up to the mountains, trek, or even exercise at the hotels state of the art gym. Nevertheless, we chose not to do a thing!

Spa in Lucky Bansko

The Spa

If like us, you are into chilling and relaxing, this is the hotel for you. The spa downstairs is probably the best hotel-spa we’ve been too, and we’ve been to several. The whole place is huge, with several different saunas, both dry and humid, all sorts of showers, a salt room, jacuzzi and a big pool with different treatments. Going from one amenity to the other and feeling our bodies and mind relax was simply perfect. Consequently, we repeated the treatment every day!

Room in Lucky Bansko

Our Room

As you know, in every hotel the moment of truth comes when you sleep. The quality of the bed, linens, the room’s isolation, temperature, and a lot of other things determine how you sleep. Both of us slept like babies! We could have slept till noon but we didn’t want to miss breakfast. It was worth it. In fact, the assortment and quality of products surpassed our expectations and we over ate. Fortunately for us, we spent the day walking about town and we did a little swimming at night. That’s the only way to enjoy the hotels spectacular food, exercising and chilling at the hotel’s spectacular spa.

Restaurant in Lucky Bansko


Additionally, the hotel manages a very elegant restaurant just across the street. Fancy and yet hip, Restaurant Leonardo Bansko offers Italian and international dishes. The service is very good and the atmosphere sophisticate. Everyone was in good spirits and we chatted with a couple from Israel and some local people.

Lucky Bansko Service


Hotels can invest heavily in infrastructure, and not achieve the desired effect.  In fact, Lucky Bansko’s facilities are top notch, no doubt about it. However, it is the service that takes the hotel to a different level. From the people at the front desk to the waiters at the restaurant, everyone is elegant, polite, professional and warm. I reckon that employees enjoy their jobs and that the manager is obsessed with high standards.

Let me share with you an example. I was reading at the lobby while having coffee. The waiter approached me and softly suggested a better seat with better lighting. That’s the kind of service you get from people who want you to have a great time!

On our way out, we noticed an escape room. It made us laugh, who would want to escape such a fantastic hotel? On the contrary, it was another of the hotel’s facilities, Escape Rooms Bansko, apparently very popular with younger crowds.

Bansko Town

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