Nizhny Novgorod – Hospitability at Its Best

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Probably the best way to travel around Russia is by train. They are comfortable, inexpensive, and a great way to meet locals. Night trains are the best ones since spending a night on board saves you time. We got to Nizhny Novgorod on a night train and took another one to leave, where we met lovely Valeria who took care of us; she didn’t let us skip dinner even though we had already eaten!

We weren’t expecting much from the city, at the most some magnificent views over the Volga River. What a surprise! Not only there are things to see and do, but the local’s hospitability is quite special. Our Hilton Hotel included a full spa where we got to relax every night after walking all around town. They even gave us a very late check out. Many thanks! The city highlights are: the pedestrian Bolshaya Pokrovskaya street, Kremlin’s city walls and the Lower Town’s Rozhdestvenskaya street. As you can see from the pics, we had a great time!

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