Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle

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They treated us like royalty in Postojna. Our lovely hotel welcomed us with homemade iced tea and cake. Slovenians know how to conquer your heart! Additionally, my brother who lives in Ljubljana gave us a tour around the area. However, Postojna Cave was the star of our trip. We went all the way down 24km! Plus we even got to see the unique aquatic salamander Proteus. Endemic to this region, the Proteus were once considered baby dragons! Sorry no pics, the tiny creature lives in a cave so it’s not fond of flashes. Then we were almost completely on our own in the renaissance Predjama Castle. Finally, in the atmospheric town, we had the pleasure of chatting to a few locals. Apparently, they miss Old Yugoslavia.

Postojna - Entrance to Postojna Cave

Postojna Cave

The main reason we came to Postojna was to visit the world-famous Postojna Cave. The Postojna cave system is 24km deep and is the world’s second longest. Towering formations, underground rivers, and large halls make up the system. The 5-meter tall stalagmite called Brilliant is its symbol. Slovenians have done a great job and it’s safe to travel inside the cave. You get to take a train and then walk about. Opened in 1872, the Postojna’s cave train is the world’s oldest underground train. The tour lasts 1,5 hours and explores around 5km of underground space. We had never seen anything quite like it!

Postojna - Postojna Cave

Predjama Castle

Though our goal was to visit Postojna, we soon realized Slovenia has another unique place. The impressive medieval Predjama Castle majestically perched on a cliff for over 800 years is quite photogenic. There is something else unique about it: Predjama is the world’s largest cave castle. In fact, most of its rooms are inside caves! What’s more, there is a network of secret tunnels leading to safety. The castle is open to regular visits, while the tunnels open only for pre-arranged adventure tours.

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Postojna - Predjama Castle

Where to Stay in Postojna

Visiting both interesting sites is too much for a day trip. Therefore, we strongly suggest spending at least one night in Postojna. This pretty town has a nice main square, a church, and a museum. We stayed at the wonderful Postojna Cave Rooms & Apartments Proteus. Ideally located on the main square, it has comfortable rooms and offers good service. The Hotel Kras and the Hotel Center are both nice hotels in the city proper. If you want to stay in front of the Postojna Cave or Predjama Castle you have two options. The Postojna Cave Hotel Jama sits right in front of the cave, while the Guesthouse Požar near the castle.

Postojna - Titov Trg

How to Visit Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle

Postojna is between the Slovenian capital Ljubljana and the seaside. Thus, it’s easy to get there from the entire country. Several daily trains from Ljubljana take you to Postojna in about 1 hour. Take note that the train network from the seaside (Koper) is not currently working, so you have to take a bus. The journey from Koper by bus takes around 1,5 hours. The Postojna bus station is near the main square. The train station is about a kilometer away. A free shuttle bus from the train station to both Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle operates only in high season. Since we visited the offseason, we had to hire a taxi. The castle is a bit far from the city and the road there has no sidewalks. Hence, walking is not an option.

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