Serbian Monastery Tour

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Serbia lies at the center of the Balkans; thus, its history is essential in understanding the peninsula. Great empires fought for and conquered this beautiful piece of land. However, our spirit was never conquered. Instead Serbia was able to absorb all these cultural influences and turn them into a surprisingly unique style.

There is no doubt to us that our over 200 orthodox monasteries are the best Serbia has to offer. Dating back to the 12th Century they are a testament to our fascinating culture. Even through the rule of the Ottoman Empire, they were used as sanctuaries to preserve local art and traditions. Set amongst outstanding nature, their beauty will sooth your soul and enchant your mind.

This Serbian Monastery Tour is focused on three different groups of monasteries and includes iconic churches around Belgrade. We will visit Raška School Monasteries built during the first Serbian Kingdom (12th and 13th Century) in the southwest of the country. UNESCO included the most important ones in its World Heritage Sites lists. Then we will travel along the Morava River to visit the Morava School Monasteries built during the Serbian Despotate (14th-15th Centuries). To the north, within the province of Vojvodina, we will visit several baroque monasteries built during the Habsburg Empire (16th – 17th Centuries).

You will be fascinated by the different architectural styles of each group of monasteries. Each respond to different historical circumstances and geographical conditions. Romanesque architecture influenced the Raška School Monasteries, consisting of one nave and one dome. On the other hand, Serbo-Byzantine monasteries and churches adopted the Greek cross shape often including several domes*. The Morava School monasteries are arguably the most authentic ones, with highly artistic decorative elements. Finally, the dominant style at the time of the Habsburg Empire, the Baroque, influenced the Serbian churches built around Serbia’s Holy Mountain in Vojvodina.

*Please take note that some Serbo-Byzantine style churches are in Kosovo and FYROM and can be included in the tour upon request.

Price: 800 eur** including:

  • Accommodation in top class hotels
  • Transport to and from the airport in Belgrade
  • Private transfers within Serbia
  • Daily breakfast at each hotel
  • Daily lunch and dinner at traditional restaurants/houses
  • Entrance tickets to museums and churches
  • Personal guidance with detailed information and useful advice

**Based on double occupancy. Air transfer from your hometown to Belgrade is not included. Please contact us before booking.

The Price does not include

  • Travel insurance

Group Size

4 to 8 people

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The following is a flexible itinerary. For those of you who have less time we can arrange only a part of the itinerary. If you have more leisure time we can spend extra days in every place. This is a trip of a lifetime so it must fit your needs. Contact us and let’s begin planning your journey through Serbia.

Day 1 Belgrade

Private transfer from the airport to our hotel. Walk along the main pedestrian street Knez Mihajlova to Kalemegdan Fortress and Park, where fantastic views of the Danube and Sava rivers will welcome you. Visit to Sveta Petka and Ružica Churches.

Day 2 Studenica Monastery + Kopaonik

Private transportation to Serbia’s most important monastery – Studenica. Afternoon arrival to Kopaonik Mountain. Evening of relaxation at a private spa.

Day 3 Excursion to Novi Pazar and surroundings

Private transportation to Serbia’s oldest monasteries: Peter’s Church, Djurdjevi Stupovi, and Sopoćani. Walk around nearby Novi Pazar. Evening back to Kopaonik.

Day 4 Manasija and Ravanica Monasteries

Private transportation to Belgrade with a stop in Manasija and Ravanica Monasteries, exceptional examples of Serbian architecture. Evening back to Belgrade.

Day 5 Excursion to Fruška Gora and Novi Sad

Private transportation to Serbia’s Holy Mountain, home to 16 outstanding Monasteries built during the Habsburg Monarchy. Transportation to the airport to take your flight back home.


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