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I wanted to share with you some tips to enjoy beautiful Novi Sad, Serbia’s (my home country) second largest city. Since the city is located just over an hour from Belgrade it is an easy day trip. However, getting to know it better demands at least a couple of days. Novi Sad was founded in the 17th Century as an important military post across the Danube (Petrovaradin). Today, the city is home to several universities so it’s full of young vibrant people.

Novi Sad, Serbia

Novi Sad Architecture

The city center has an impressive collection of neoclassical buildings and many beautiful churches. The Catholic Cathedral is on the main square, the Serbian Orthodox Church in Pašićeva Street and the Synagogue in Jevrejska Street. Additionally, there is a wonderful park- Dunavski and a cool early modern building Danube Banovina Palace, now the seat of the regional government.

Novi Sad architecture Synagogue

My Favorite: City Squares

What I love the most about Novi Sad are its beautiful squares. The Trg Slobode (Freedom Square) is the main square and naturally the City Hall is located there. The lovely pedestrian Zmaj Jovina Street begins here and becomes Dunavska Street before reaching the Dunavski Park. Be sure to check two other squares not far from the main one: the Trg Mladenaca (Newlyweds Square) and the Trg Muzeja (Museum Square).

Novi Sad Squares - Trg Slobode - Freedom Square

Petrovaradin Fortress

To get to the Petrovaradin Fortress you must cross the river. The fortress can be seen from all over Novi Sad. Though originally built by the Habsburgs, different rulers used it through the centuries. Nowadays there are several art galleries along the fortress’s many underground tunnels. At the base of the fortress you will find Gradić (Diminutive of Town), a cute little town. It is currently being refurbished to be ready for 2021 when Novi Sad will become the European Capital of Culture.

Novi Sad Petrovaradin

Where to Stay

The first time I went with Eitan we stayed at the historic Hotel Leopold I. Located on top of the Fortress it offers fantastic views of the Danube River and the city. The second time we went together we stayed with my cousin, Nemo. We attended Grace Jones concert at the Fortress during the famous EXIT Festival. We had a blast!

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