Why Malta Will Be Trendy In 2018

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Valletta Malta

It’s always fun to look ahead when the New Year arrives and determine what the best and trendiest travel destinations for the year ahead are going to be. If you have much interest in travel, you’ve undoubtedly become accustomed to seeing articles that address this topic, and if nothing else it’s a nice way to give yourself some new ideas for your travel list now and then. This year there’s one place that makes a lot of sense as a trendy destination, however, that we’re not seeing on too many lists and thought we’d highlight on our own: the tiny Mediterranean archipelago of Malta.

Located south of Sicily and east of Tunis in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, it’s a small country that consists of several little islands in a cluster. Malta is commonly regarded as the very picture of ideal Mediterranean beauty, and yet it’s often left off of travel lists – perhaps because it’s almost little enough to escape notice. For the following reasons though, Malta could gain steam as a tourist destination in the coming year.

Its Economy Is Growing

This might sound counterintuitive on the surface. Often, travelers flock to places where the economies are struggling, on the grounds that travel will be cheaper. This has been the logic as relates to Greece for many years now. On the other hand, however, a tiny country like Malta could get a tourism boost from strong economic numbers that encourage growth in restaurants, hotels, etc. Just recently reports indicated that Malta is almost the best in the EU when it comes to economic growth, and a nation that’s thriving financially can often be particularly interesting to visit. 2018 should be a year of advancement, growth, and new things in Malta, which should attract visitors from around Europe.

Entertainment Industries Coming In

Another effect of a growing company could well be that more entertainment-related industries, geared toward tourists, will set up shop in Malta. We’ve seen for instance that the country’s casino market is already on the rise, thought to be a result of Great Britain leaving the European Union. This pulled the territory of Gibraltar away from the EU’s gambling market and left a space that Malta is expected to fill. We could also see sports industries in Malta growing rapidly in size and prestige as more money flows into the country and it becomes more of a destination (with more locals and travelers alike paying for sports consumption). In short, the thriving economy should help to boost the number and style of attractions for people visiting.

There Will Be Cultural Exhibitions

The main reason to target Malta as a potential destination in the coming year is that the country, and particularly the capital of Valletta, will be home to all kinds of interesting cultural exhibitions. Valletta will be hosting the title of European Capital of Culture (ECoC) throughout 2018, which means a full slate of events, performances, exhibitions, and celebrations throughout the year. It’s a wonderful opportunity to recognize and enjoy a city that’s too often ignored by those looking for European destinations.

On top of all these specific reasons, Malta is simply a breathtaking destination. It happens to be a country that’s thriving as we enter the New Year – but you wouldn’t just be going for what’s current. You’d also get the chance to enjoy the attractions, scenes, and people that make it such a wonderful Mediterranean getaway no matter what year it is.

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