Krasnoyarsk and Stolby Nature Sanctuary

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Krasnoyarsk turned out to be quite special to us. Unlike Novosibirsk it has a historical core with several interesting streets and dozens of charming wooden houses (Happy Frog just loves them). There is also a very nice park, across the river, packed with lakes and surrounded by water. We were pretty tired after Altai and heading to Baikal, so we planned to rest for a couple of days (yes, we really like resting). And then we met our lovely friends Dima, Andrei and Arseniy and had no time to rest. They showed us a side of Krasnoyarsk few tourists get to explore. They took us to the gorgeous Stolby, where we walked for 14km through dense forests and enjoyed magnificent views from huge rocks. We went to a couple of natural spots on the mighty Yenisei River, had superb dinner at a fancy restaurant and even partied the night out. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better they gave us a local chocolate and took us to the airport. Russian hospitality at its best! Spasibo rebyata!!!

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Photos of Krasnoyarsk and Stolby

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